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Upcoming Events:

May 14, 2021


  • Church Welcomes Pastor Valerie Black!

Pastor Val

Pastor Black is a native of Scranton and has worked as a probation officer for Lackawanna County since 1997. She attended Mansfield University and graduated in 1994 with a degree in Criminal Justice Administration.  Pastor Black is currently a student in the Academy of Christian Training and Service of American Baptist Churches USA, an online school for individuals who want to know more about God or for those who have heard a calling and want to become certified for lay ordination. For the past several years she has provided pulpit supply in area churches and been involved with ABC’s Minister’s Council. Music is one of her passions and she loves spending time reading and watching sports.

Speaking about her new ministry, Pastor Black says, “I believe you serve God by serving His people. Therefore, I look forward to serving the members of Baptist Tabernacle.” 


  •   Baptist Tabernacle Tidings – the monthly newsletter will be posted to this site each month.
  • The Church Boards and Official Board encourage all members to return to on-site church services and events. Vaccinated members no longer need to wear masks.

                                                                                               In Christ,
                                                                                               The Official Board

    Church Business: 

    • Upcoming:

      • Children’s Day June 13th
      • Rummage Sale is scheduled for September 10th & 11th and donations are needed and welcomed.


  • FaceBook:

Are you aware that Baptist Tabernacle has a Facebook page that can be used for social media posts?  Thanks to Donna Ostrander for updating posts!  If you haven’t checked it out yet, search for Baptist Tabernacle Wilkes-Barre and join the group!

Baptist Tabernacle Website:

Ron Shandorf is the website administrator…if you haven’t checked it out you might be surprised!  There is a lot of good information here.   If anyone has anything they would like to add to the website, please let Ron know – email:

Live Streaming:

Visit us on our  YouTube channel  – Search for “Baptist Tabernacle Church – WB”


The Newsletter will be sent via email when possible, and if necessary, mailed via post.  The newsletter will also be added to our Facebook page and the Baptist Tabernacle website.


Church Maintenance requires continued financial support to pay the ongoing bills. Thank you to all the members who have faithfully mailed their tithes and offerings to the church during our time apart.  We encourage anyone who wishes to continue their financial support to mail a check to Baptist Tabernacle at the address noted above if you are unable to attend.

Reports from the Boards

  • Trustees:

    • The new Ring Security system is fully functional – this includes Intrusion, Motions detections, Fire Alarm and cameras (both inside and exterior)
    • Fellowship hall: a donation was made of a large-screen Television, Blue Ray player and surround sound speaker system. This is an internet-connected TV. 
    • We have been reviewing our church systems and are ensuring that proper maintenance is being performed.
    • We have applied to ABCOPAD for a grant to expand our Live Streaming capabilities.
  • Board of Christian Education:


      Rally Day – September 19th

    • Sunday School: resumes in September

  • Deacons:
    • Board is renewing our outreach attempts and is working to contact members who are not active currently.
    • Board is initiating an outreach to nursing homes and other residence facilities to suggest that residents ‘attend’ our Live Streaming of Sunday services.

Church Events:

  • June 13th – Children’s Day / Graduation celebration
  • July 11th – Pastored Val Certification @ United Baptist Church in Taylor
  • September 19th – Rally Day 


  •      Fellowship Offering – 1st Sunday of the Month
  •      Boxtops for Education – (e.g. Betty Crocker ):
  •             Please clip these and get them to Sharon Meyers

Board Meetings:

–> Boards do NOT meet during July & August!

–> Regular Schedule will resume beginning in September!

  • 2nd Thursday of the Month – 5:15 PM
    • Board of Trustees Meeting
    • Board of Christian Education
    •  Board of Deacons
  • 2nd Thursday of the Month – 6pm – Official Board Meeting

Food Bank:

  • We would appreciate any donations to the Food Bank
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