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Church Boards

Church Boards Officers

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The officers of the church shall be: a Senior Pastor, such Associate Pastors as are deemed necessary to meet the ministries of the church, members of the Diaconate, Trustees, and members of the Board of Christian Education, who after the annual church election, shall join together to constitute the Official Board. The Official Board and each individual Board shall meet a minimum of ten times per year.

sandra bonavina

Board of Deacons - Sandra Bonavina

The duties of the Board of Deacons shall be:

1. To assist the Pastor(s) in the performance of Pastoral duties and in the administration of the ordinances.

2. To be responsible for the worship service.


Board of Trustees - Ron Shandorf

The duties of the Board of Trustees shall be:

1. To oversee acquisition, disposition, and maintenance of all church properties, in consultation with the appropriate personnel, and to periodically examine such properties.

2. To exercise supervision over all financial matters;

Linda Shandorf

Board of Christian Education - Linda Shandorf

The duties of the Board of Christian Education
shall be:

1. 1. To plan for and supervise the total Christian Education program of the church

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