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Volunteering & Opportunities for You to Serve

At Baptist Tabernacle, there are many activities and positions that keep our church running smoothly. We are always on the lookout for folks who have an interest in serving. Do you have a talent or skill to share? There’s a place for you!

Here are some ministries to consider getting involved with. We have described what is involved in these services. But these illustrate only a few of the ways our members and friends contribute to the life of the church. PLEASE CONTINUE TO THE END to also see some potential opportunities we have not fully developed that you might want to help us start.


The Boards described below are member of the church who are elected annually.


Each year the Official Board appoints individuals to fill other offices and positions that help us function.


Each year the Official Board also appoints individuals members of several committees.

Sunday School Teachers and Aides

We need teachers and aides to help our children and youth grow and develop in God’s Word. Our term typically runs from Rally Day in September through the end of the school year.  There are sessions for PreSchool/Kindergarten; Early Elementary; Upper Elementary; Jr/Sr High and Adult.

All volunteers who work with children/youth must undergo a background check (which is paid for by the church).

Sunday School Teachers and Aides

Please see any one of our Officers (Sandy Bonavina, Don Ostrander, Linda Shandorf) if you might be interested in getting involved in one of the following areas:

  • Singing in the choir
  • Providing office support by acting as a Receptionist on a regular basis
  • Tidying up the sanctuary between services
  • Decorating the altar for Sunday worship
  • Helping with Coffee Hour and other community events in the kitchen
  • Producing a church newsletter
  • Coordinating publicity/public relations
  • Managing the Web page or other social media accounts
  • Providing audio/media support for worship and special events
  • Documenting church life through photos and videos
  • Participating in our Usher Ministry
  • … and many more!
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